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english tlm for primary classes, all in one tlm to teach vocabulary

English tlm for primary classes, all in one tlm to teach vocabulary

English tlm, magic pumpkin, months of the year vocabulary

English tlm, Months of the year vocabulary

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English tlm, alphabet garden print and make TLM

Alphabet Garden
Print and make english TLM

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days of the week english tlm printable pdf free download


   Days of the week tlm 

I have made this to transact the days of a week easily and effectively. Teaching learning material helps students to learn and understand the concept easily. And also helps the teacher to make his or her classroom into an activity based environment.
So here I am going to explain how to use the teaching aid. You can watch my you tube channel to know how to prepare this. Once you have with you can start transacting. 
 First display the model to the class and ask the children to speak. Ask some interactive questions to get their attention. 
1. What is this?
2. What do we call?
3. Can you read the days?
4. Can you say the names of the days?
5. What is today?
After the small interaction you can describe the model. 
Children, it is called days of the week wheel. Now  I am going to read the days, please listen.
After the presentation ask the children to answer the question "what is today?". You can ask the question by rotating the wheel. Next give the wheel to the children and ask them to rotate and ask the question. So it will give chance to them to interact with the model. And the main help the wheel is to help them know the cyclic process of the days.
After this call two students and instruct them to one will ask the question and another will answer. Like you can transact the concept. Hope you like it.

Children will read and speak about the days of the week using the structure
                                                                                                                     "Today is........"
                                                                                                                     "Yesterday was....."
                                                                                                                      "Tomorrow will be..."

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Making video:

My body parts english rhyme 1st class english rhymes , Ap state english text book rhymes,

My body parts english rhyme 1st class english rhymes

English tlm, opposite words, prefix opposite words,

This video is useful for the primary teachers to teach prefix opposite words to the kids.This is a good idea for the primary teachers. Through practical way kids will learn easily and also they will catch fast and remember easily.l Its a good method to teach prefix opposite is a good activity for the primary classes. In this activity you can teach to the kids using another prefix words like"Mis," Dis'," Re", instead of "UN".

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Chakri, the bicycle, animated, story, 1st class, english, 1st class engl...




Lesson - My Vehicles

 Transportation is an important part of everyday life, and as such is a topic many preschool aged children are interested in. A transportation theme not only teaches children about what different vehicles are for and how they work, but you can also use it to teach other important concepts such as safety when riding in a vehicle or walking. Use games and crafts when teaching children about transportation, as it will help them remember important information.

Chakri And The Bicycle Story   is a fun way to teach vehicles names to small kids.

One day, a bicycle named Chakri came onto the street from the shop. He wanted to see the town. Chakri started. Chakri began singing and dancing. Suddenly a motorcycle crossed him! He was surprised "Oh! My god! He is going faster than me!" he said. Chakri began moving faster. Soon a blue car rushed past saying bye bye to Chakri. He angrily said, "No! No one could go faster than me! I am the fastest!".
 Chakri saw a long train. The train was running at a high speed.He screamed and looked up in anger! He saw a big aeroplane flying in the sky. It disappeared soon. He sadly said, “All are going very fast. Why can't I?" Chakri was very sad.
He stopped at a playground. Some children came to him and a boy called Bujji asked, “Why are you sad, Chakri?" He replied, "Everybody is going faster than me!" Then the children said, "Hey Chakri! Don't be sad. We like cycling. Shall we go for a ride?" Chakri felt very jubilant and said, “Yes! Let's go." Chakri enjoyed going around with the children. He went back in a happy mood.